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Beautiful You Christmas Tea! with Chris Caine at the Willard

By Pastor Donna Pisani in Capital City Church about 4 years ago | 2352 views
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**RSVP-ing here will not confirm your reservation.

What could be better than tea with your girlfriends and family at the elegant Willard Hotel, hearing Christine Caine, and supporting  A21 Campaign  all in the same afternoon? That’s what the  BY Christmas Tea is all about!

This is your invitation to join us for a special, magical afternoon that has become a memorable Christmas “don’t want to ever miss it” tradition for all the  girls young and old alike.

It really won’t be the same without you, beautiful!


Donna and the BY Team xoxo

p.s. special girlfriend rates available too!


We want to make Christmas special for the girls being rescued by A21 this year:

The Christmas Tea is a proud sponsor of the A21 Campaign and is committed to partnering with their efforts to fight human trafficking around the world. While a portion of every BY Tea registration goes to support A21, consider making an added contribution that would help us meet our goal of $12,000 to present to Christine Caine at the Tea. All of us TOGETHER can make Christmas special for the girls being rescued by A21 Campaign! 

**RSVP-ing here will not confirm your reservation.


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Discussion about this event

Leanndra Foster on 10/15/2012

I really can’t wait for this! I’ve already got my U+1. I might just have to get another U+1 if some more of my friends can go. The Christmas Tea is not to be missed!

Heather Kitchens on 10/15/2012

Looking forward to this!  I provided a Beautiful You Christmas Tea event card  to a friend who has never attended CCC and she plans to register! 

Shaunna Rivera on 10/16/2012

This is going to be great! I invited all of my bible study friends!

Daphne LaSalle Jackson on 10/16/2012

SO excited!!! I already purchased my U+1!!

Leah Fountain on 10/16/2012

Looking forward to it!!! I’ve got my U+1!

Courtney Carter on 10/16/2012

Can’t wait – I’ve got my U +1. Now just need to see who God lays on my heart to bring!

Martha Moncibaiz on 10/17/2012

I bought a U + 1 so I could invite my neighbor (one of my 5-5-5) and she told me she bought 4 tickets last night so she and 3 friends can attend! Now I’m going to reach out to another neighbor!

Katrina Faulkner on 10/20/2012

I bought a U+1, a co-worker saw my post on facebook & wantst to bring all the girls at the office. Get your tickets sooner than later….this event is going to sell out & you won’t want to miss it!

Maritza Armistead on 10/20/2012

So excited! I know this event will be AMAZING!

Pastor Donna Pisani on 10/20/2012

Just heard that DC Metro church is planning on bringing 60-100 women to the tea…SO just sayin…I wouldn’t wait to register!  It’s going to fill up fast! xx

on 10/20/2012

I’m looking forward to being in the house!

Lizz Gold on 10/21/2012

Hey ladies- let me just say this event is filling up fast!! We have ladies from several other churches purchasing tickets daily, so don’t wait to get your ticket….. we don’t want you to miss out on this great event!!

Martha Moncibaiz on 10/23/2012

Wow – just heard from another friend tonight and she bought 4 tickets! And I know of 6 or 7 more that are planning on registering this week! This is going to be an ah-ma-zing event (& a sell out)! Don’t wait – register ASAP!

Flurrie Black on 10/26/2012

Does anyone know seating will be for this event… I have at 5 people coming with me at the moment but the number is growing ..

Lizz Gold on 10/27/2012

Flurrie- keep your friends coming, that’s awesome!!! This year we have the larger room at The Willard- so everyone will be seated together!!! Yeah!!!

Lizz Gold on 10/27/2012

so here is an update ladies…We’re  on our way to selling 200 tickets already!!! 

So the question is – do you have your tickets yet? Ladies from all over the DC area are coming- you don’t want to miss out on this great event! Stop by the Beautiful You table in the lobby and register, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Denise Dawkins on 11/05/2012

Got my ticket!!

Lizz Gold on 11/06/2012

25 days till Tea TimeAre golfers the only ones that pay attention to Tea times???….hahaha

Give a shout out if you got your ticket

Colleen Ashley on 11/06/2012

Got my ticket,And I am so excited!

Martha Moncibaiz on 11/06/2012

I got mine…and so did 17 friends!  Excited!

Flurrie Black on 11/06/2012

I got mine and so did 6 of my friends… Hoping we can sit together.. But we are excited….

Katrina Faulkner on 11/06/2012

I have mine & getting a few others :D

Katrina Faulkner

Joy Wilder on 11/09/2012

I have five friends coming so far.  But, hoping to fill a whole table!

Graham Pruitt on 11/10/2012

I bought tickets for girls at my office.  

Do I give someone their names?

Daphne LaSalle Jackson on 11/10/2012

Graham, that’s so awesome! We will have a connect host(es) at the doors and every table. Send their names to me, Heather, Katrina, and/or Courtney and we will be sure to look out for them! So exciting!!

Lizz Gold on 11/10/2012

Hey Graham- send me a mess. via the city or email… So awesome in supporting the cause as well as sponsoring some of the ladies in your office!

Pastor Donna Pisani on 11/11/2012

Wow thats awesome Graham! We’ll make sure to take good care of them! Thanks!

Ashlynn Welker on 11/17/2012

So excited! Just found out 2 of my friends from DC Metro church are coming – love how this tea has become a regional women’s event not just a CapCity women’s event!

Melody Groves on 11/23/2012

My daughter & I are going! We are very new to the area and church. Could someone tell me what to expect? What to wear ect… Do we pick up tickets for it? Also, I heard there was a Pintrest for it, but I can’t find it. Thanks!

Colleen Ashley on 11/23/2012

It’s. Dress up time for us everyone usually wears Christmas colors,they usually send tickets to your email its at the Willard Hotel

Bethany Garcia on 11/23/2012

Melody, I am so excited that you are coming to the Tea! It’s going to be so much fun! For what to wear, I would check out the facebook page for pictures from last year: The general guideline is festive semi formal (short afternoon or cocktail dress, a little black dress, long dressy skirt and top, dressy separates but not ball gowns). 

And next week you should be receiving an email with more details on what to do when you arrive at the Willard. We are not sending out tickets ahead of time, but  will have a check in when you arrive. 

Cannot wait to see you all!!


December 01
2:30 pm – 5:30 pm
1401 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20004
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101 people
are coming
Cindy Gustafson (3)

Steven Chang (1)

Jaime Perris (2)

Jeanna Lo (2)

Melody Groves (2)

Liza Smith (1)

Bethany Garcia (1)

Dinisha Wagner (1)

Harrison Wilder (1)

Sheryl Sua (2)

Ashlynn Welker (1)

Michelle Valadez (2)

Lynn Pellicano (1)

Arianne Gregory (2)

Joy Wilder (5)

Chloe Colbert (1)

Joann Kim (2)

Fynn Coleman (3)

Katharine B. (1)

Colleen Ashley (1)

Amanda McCormick (1)

Paige S. (2)

Cynthia Taylor (2)

Andrea Schweiss (1)


Maritza Armistead (1)

Katrina Faulkner (3)

Hannah Marsh (1)

Hunter Wilder (1)

Bethany Wolf (1)

Martha Moncibaiz (6)

Annalee O'Dell (2)

Leah Fountain (2)

Denise Dawkins (1)

Daphne LaSalle Jackson (2)

Shaunna Rivera (1)

Heather Kitchens (1)

Nicole Farison (16)

Leanndra Foster (2)

Flurrie Black (1)

Caroline Williams (1)

Courtney Carter (1)

Jen Shields (9)

Ashley Stewart (6)

Eileen Wilder (1)

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