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Capital City visits Nationals Park!

By Pastor Dennis Pisani in Capital City Church almost 5 years ago | 1875 views Link:

We have exciting news!  For four weeks, starting February 19th, we’re moving our services to Nationals Park.  They have a beautiful conference center on-site that can accommodate both services, childrens programs and everything we do.  We see this as a great opportunity to share the Capital City experience with a whole new part of our community in the waterfront area, less than two blocks from the Navy Yards metro

Everything you’ve come to expect from Capital City Church will be the same.  We’ll just have a fun new location for a few weeks…and 600 parking spots (Look for Lot C)!  Check here for more information.

We can’t wait to see you at the Park! 


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Harrison Wilder

I am SO excited about this!  Can’t wait to reach in to this part of our community!

Devie Robertson

So exciting!  Hopefully this wil give us a glimpse of where CCC is going in reaching this entire region!

Cindy Gustafson

This is another way to prepare for growth!  Can’t wait!

Richard Bradley

Love it, Pastor!! 

Ashley Marchand

Yes!!! I’m going to bring my mitt so I can catch the Word! This is going to be a home run…

But really, it’s great that we’ll be so close to a metro station (and parking). Such a blessing!

Mr Paul Daniels

Where will we meet? My guess is we will use one of conference rooms (indoor) at 2nd or 3rd level. Are we going to move to outdoor when weather gets warmer in April?

Arianne Gregory

Church at the ballpark…I’m spreading the word !

Sheryl Sua

Woohoo! Bring it on!  Before you know it, church in the stadium will be a regular thing (and I mean, in the STADIUM, not just a conference room).  :-))))))

Andrea Schweiss

Love it!

Rich Baginski

Congratulations. I’ll have to touch base with Andrea and see if we can come down one Sunday. I will pray that all is a successful to the glory to God.

Colleen Ashley

This is exciting!love that there will be good parking!

Lizz Gold

Watch out DC…. CCC is taking over the Nat’s Stadium! Wooo Hooo!!!! Can’t wait!

Kyle Faulkner

Yes!! Get to break out my Nationals jersey early his year!! Can we get Teddy and Jefferson to be connect hosts :)

Susan Gygax

CCC at the Stadium…hmmm, has a nice ring to it.

Katharine B.

I’m so excited about this! Just another awesome adventure for CCC!

Monica Youngling

Yeeeeah!!! Just a small taste of what’s to come!! Woot woot!

Mr Paul Daniels

Church at the ballpark? What if it is freezing and snow? Bring your gloves and be sure that you will be dress warm!

Wow this will be interesting! Will Pastor Pisani preach from the pitcher circle? Let us invite all four ex-presidents (George, Thomas, Abe and Teddy) to join with us.

Pastor Donna Pisani

Paul, we will be inside one of the conference rooms nice and warm.  No worries about the cold!!  

Mr Paul Daniels

Good as some of other members still thought that we would have service outdoor. Thank you for clearing up misunderstanding.

By the way have you send invitation to four ex-presidents – George, Thomas, Abe and Teddy, lol?

Bethany Garcia

It’s my dream come true….sports and church together.. woo hoo. Cant wait for these 4 weeks! :D

Nicole Tarnogursky

Love that our church is creative and flexible enough to go wherever we’ll reach new people! WE are the church!! :)

Martha Moncibaiz

Going to be an amazing 4 weeks!

Dell Jeanty


Graham Pruitt


Tiffany Kulp

Next few weeks Capital city church will be meeting at Nationals Stadium . come join us a the ball park this sunday!

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